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I am currently a PhD student
of the Doctoral School of Physics,
of the Eötvös Loránd University,
however, I am doing my research
at the Strongly Correlated Systems Lendület research group, led by Örs Legeza,
of the Theoretical Solid State Physics Department,
of the Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics,
of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics,
of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
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Building I., 1st floor, 120/b,
KFKI Campus (Wigner RCP),
Konkoly-Thege Miklós str. 29-33.,
H-1121 Budapest, Hungary


tel+36-1-392-2222, ext. 3046


@work: mate (dot) mihaly (at) wigner (dot) mta (dot) hu
@university: matemihaly (at) caesar (dot) elte (dot) hu


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  1. M. Máté, G. Barcza, Sz. Szalay, Ö. Legeza, Quantum information in molecules: electron configuration of transition metal clusters (in Hungarian), Magyar Kémiai Folyóirat 125. 3. (2019)
  2. F. M. Faulstich, M. Máté, A. Laestadius, M. A. Csirik, L. Veis, A. Antalik, J. Brabec,R. Schneider, J. Pittner, S. Kvaal, Ö. Legeza, Numerical and Theoretical Aspects of the DMRG-TCC Method Exemplified by the Nitrogen Dimer, J. Chem. Theory Comput. 2019, 15, 4, 2206-2220
    preprint arXiv:1809.07732 [physics.chem-ph]